How to use a router as a wireless repeater

Amplify a wireless network signal with a router.

For Edimax routers:

1. Connect the router to the computer using a patchcord (utp cable). One end of the cable connects to one of the four (yellow) output ports of the router.

Note: The WAN port (blue) is not part of the 4 router outputs, it uses for other purposes and will not be used to connect the router to the computer.

2. Access the router using a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) in which we enter the initial address of the router’s administration page: The default user is admin and password 1234. If you have changed all of this access data, then use your data to access the router.

3. After accessing the router, click General setup / Wireless / Basic settings. Here you choose the “Universal Repeater” option. Once this mode is selected, a new option called “Site Survey” will become available. The next step is pressing the “Site Survey” button, which opens a new window where all Wi-Fi networks within the router’s coverage range will be displayed. If no network is displayed, press the refresh button to quickly scan Wi-Fi networks in the area.

Choose the Wi-Fi network for which you want to extend the coverage range and press the “Connect” button

Once we choose the wireless network to connect to, we will notice that SSID and Root AP SSID have the same name as the network we want to expand.

4. In order to extend the signal to a Wi-Fi network, we will need to connect the router to it, so we will access the security settings for the Wi-Fi networks of the router that we configure as a repeater.

In the General setup / Wireless / Security Settings section we will make the same security settings as those on the router whose wireless signal we are expanding. If the wireless signal we extend is Wi-Fi security of the WPA2 AES type, then on the router we use in the repeater mode we will set the network security of the WPA2 AES type. Also, the password type must be the same (Passphrase or Hex) and in the “Pre-shared key” field we will enter the same password as the one we extend.

For the router to function as a repeater, we will need to disable the DHCP function and activate Static Routing.