How to unbrick Edimax router

If you tried to upgrade the firmware for an Edimax router and loaded you a wrong firmware version then you got yourself a bricked router. To unbrick your Edimax router, you have to flash the wright firmware to the router. In order to do this, folow the steps below:

The most important step of flashing your Edimax router firmware using the TFTP client is to completely turn off your Windows Firewall, and your Antivirus program(included the antivirus Firewall if it has any)

Go to Edimax official website and download the firmware for your router model. Save it directly to your C: drive and unzip it there. In the end you should have the firmware file something like this: C:firmware.bin

Install TFTP client for windows. Eg: for Windows 7 go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and on the left pane click “Turn Windows features on or off”. In the window that opens check TFTP client and click ok.

Change your LAN ip address to and the subnet mask to

Connect your router to the computer using an Ethernet cable. One end of the cable goes into one of the four yellow ports of the router and the other end of the cable goes into the computer`s Ethernet adapter. At this step it is important to connect only the router Ethernet cable, not the power supply cable. You will connect the power cable in the next step, as mentioned there.

While pressing and holding the router Reset button you should now connect the power supply. Wait for two seconds and then release the Reset button.

In drive C: (in this example) or where you saved the firmware bin file(firmware.bin in this example) pres and hold shift and then right click inside drive C: to open a CMD window from the right click menu. For doing this, just click on “Open command windows here”

In the CMD window, type the following command: tftp -i put firmware.bin. If the transfer is OK, you`ll get a message that says “successfully transfered”

After you successfully flashed your Edimax router, go back to Ethernet adapter settings and set it to “Obtain an IP address automatically”.

Now you can access your router again and configure it as you want it. You can set your router as a Wi-Fi Access Point or you can extend an Wi-Fi signal using the Universal Repeater function.

The default ip address of the most Edimax routers is You can login using admin as user and 1234 as pasword. After login it is recommended to change the default user and password from System > Password Settings.