How to compare laptops in the new laptop finder by Laptop Hunter

Laptop Hunter in a new website that offers visitors the possibility to inform themselves about specifications and reviews for the laptops they are looking for. Basically Laptop Hunter represents a new and modern laptop arena that comes in hand for any visitor that is looking to find the laptop that he needs.

Find more about laptop arena built on Laptop Hunter

Using an advanced filtering option, Laptop Hunter gives visitors the possibility to choose from a large variety of Laptop models. Using the laptop finder option, visitors can easily get to the laptop they want, simply by applying filters that are the best for what they need. For more information about how to use Laptop Finder advanced filters you can check this tutorial here: Guide to use laptop finder.

Laptop Finder on Laptop-Hunter.Com

In order to make the laptop finding even more easy, visitors can use another great function called Laptop compare. The laptop finder function, combined with the laptop compare function gives users the possibility to completely analyse what every laptop is offering. For example if you are not decided yet on what laptop model you should choose because the specifications seems to be the same, you can use the Add to compare button for at least two laptops, but no more than tree.

How laptop compare works

Making use of laptop compare function you can now compare laptops and see the differences between the models you are comparing.

You can compare laptops listed in the laptop finder simply by checking the box that says compare in the list of laptops that are displayed in the manufacturer category. You can choose up to three laptops to compare the specs and rating of those laptop models. After you select the laptops for comparing, a button named “Compare” will activate and will be displayed in the right bottom of the page on desktop computers and at the center bottom of the page on mobile devices.

Compare laptops on Laptop Finder

To access the Laptop comparison, hit the Compare button that just activated when you selected the laptops you wanted to compare.
In the comparison page you’ll find side by side the specs for the laptops you added to compare. The laptops are displayed individually on columns and the specs are displayed on rows so visitors should find laptop comparison very easy to use.

You can delete laptops from the laptop comparison if they are not what you are looking for and you can always go back to laptop finder to ad another laptop to comparison. Laptops can be compared not only from the laptop list within the laptop finder but also from the laptop product page. When you go to the laptop model dedicated page there is a button for comparing too. The button for compare laptops can be found under the laptop name area and is called “Add to compare”.

Choosing a laptop to be compared from its dedicated page is an advantage for any website visitor because it comes in hand when you found a laptop that you are interested in after you browsed the website or arrived on the website from a search engine. Therefore you can select the “Add to compare” button and then you can navigate to the laptop finder to search for any other similar laptop and you can add it to compare directly from there.

After you compared laptops using laptop comparison on Laptop Hunter, you can easily remove the laptops you added to the product comparison and start a fresh laptop compare.