How to choose the best laptop and what to know before buying one

When it comes to buying a laptop that really suits you for everyday use, you will need to consider many options on the market and find the right one or the one closest to the expectations you have from a laptop.

Before we start this tutorial that will guide you on how to easily find the laptop you want to buy, we must specify that you should know for what purpose that laptop is intended to be used for.

A laptop can be used for office work, games or mobility but it can also be useful for those who have certain hobbies or make money from blogging, social media or any other sites that can make a profit by simply updating or creating daily content.

Also a laptop can be frequently used for creating or editing multimedia content like videos or photos.

Now that we have clarified some of the aspects of using a laptop, the next step is to explain the things we need look for when we choose the laptop we want to buy.

Here's what we need to know when we want to buy a laptop:

Laptop processor or CPU

The processor called CPU (Central Processor Unit) is the most important component of the laptop. The power of a laptop or computer is determined by its processor and that is why it is very important that when choosing a laptop we should focus on finding the best CPU according to the use of the laptop. Depending on what we need from a laptop, the processor can make a difference when it comes to budget vs. performance.

If the laptop will only be used for office applications or for editing web pages such as writing articles, then the processor's performance may be average. In this case we can easily point to a laptop with Intel Core i3 processor.

When considering using the laptop for photo and video editing or other tasks that require greater processing power, then we will need to choose a laptop with a stronger processor. Recommended for this case would be an Intel Core i5 laptop. Of course if you want higher performance you can opt for an Intel Core i7 processor. Usually i7 series processors are found on gaming laptops but are also recommended for video editing.

Laptop Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory (RAM) helps the CPU to process as much information as possible. The larger the RAM, the faster the laptop. The minimum recommended for a laptop would be 4 GB RAM but if the budget allows you to buy more RAM, then you should consider 8GB RAM.

Laptop storage device (HDD or SSD)

The storage unit formerly known as HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is less and less used, and has been successfully replaced by Solid State Drive (SSD). The difference between these two storage media is major, based on different operating systems when it comes to the way of writing and storing data, but the SSD is noticeable by the high speed of writing and reading data compared to HDD. This made the SSD a favorite instead of the HDD and the rather low price of an SSD further strengthened its position in the top of user preferences.

Laptop Video graphic card (Integrated or discrete)

The video card is the key element of a laptop and this can be chosen depending on the purpose for which we want to use the laptop. It should be mentioned that the video card can be one integrated in the chipset of the motherboard and the processor or it can be a dedicated one that runs independently.

If you choose a laptop for web editing and office applications, then you just have to opt for an integrated video card. If you want to use your laptop for other tasks, such as video or photo editing, then it is advisable to opt for a laptop with a dedicated video card, at least a mid-level one. When it comes to games, any laptop that will be purchased for this purpose will need a dedicated high-end video card as well as a good processor and a good amount of RAM (at least 16 GB RAM).

Guide to find the best laptop

Now that we know what we should consider when buying a laptop, let's see how you can easily choose the best laptop for you. Follow these steps to find a laptop.

  • Determine how the new laptop you will be using will be used. The most important step in the issue of a laptop is to determine what the laptop will be used for.
  • Look for a laptop that suits your usage requirements. Access the laptop finder and find the products that match what you want to buy.
  • Once you find the product you are looking for you can check its availability on Amazon for the best promotions.
  • Analyze the offers and be prepared to purchase the product closest to your requirements, taking into account the hardware configuration as well as its price.